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Taraz, Zheltoksan STR., 69b

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+7 (7262)50-13-55 +7 (7262)54-11-24

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Monday-Friday: 09.00-18.00




Dean of the Faculty

Sarsenova Akmaral Edilbayevna

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She graduated from Taraz State University named after M.Kh. Dulati with a degree in Economics and Production Management.

- In 2009 IKTU A. Yasavi defended her dissertation on "Formation of a logistics system of goods movement (based on the materials of industrial enterprises of Zhambyl region)."

- Worked at Taraz Innovative Humanities University as Head of the Department of Finance and Auditing, Economics and Management.

 - Head of the promising topic "Problems and prospects of innovative development of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan."

- Author of more than 100 scientific works, including 1 textbook, 5 manuals, 1 monograph.

- In 2009 she was recognized as the best teacher of the Republic of Kazakhstan and was awarded a badge and diplomas.

- Under the scientific guidance of AE Sarsenova defended about 40 candidate dissertations

About the faculty


The educational process in the master's program of the university has been carried out on the basis of credit technology of training since 2008. The master's program provides high-quality education by well-known professors, associate professors and senior teachers with Doctor's and candidate's degrees. The Faculty of postgraduate education is headed by candidate of Economic Sciences SarsenovaAkmaral.

Since the opening of the master's program, about 1000 undergraduates have graduated. They not only work in higher educational institutions of the Republic, but also successfully work in the field of higher education, civil service, business companies and law.

The master's program is aimed at training highly qualified, competitive, scientific, pedagogical and managerial personnel in four specialties, providing graduates not only with theoretical knowledge, but also acquiring additional practical skills, communicating with the best educational institutions in the world, ensuring the awareness of undergraduates about scientific information in the world.

Taraz innovative humanitarian University trains Masters in the following educational programs:

6M010300-pedagogy and psychology;


6M011700-Kazakh language and literature;

6m012000-professional education (by industry);






6M073200-standardization and certification (by industry);


6M011900-Foreign Language: two foreign languages;

7M04107-Management: Human Resource Management;

7M04110-State and local government.

The master's degree program of Taraz innovative humanitarian University works in two directions. Scientific and pedagogical (2 years) and profile (profile) (1 year).

If you want to get a master's degree, please call:: +7 (7262) 54 11 22, +7 (7262) 54 11 24