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Dean of the Faculty

Nazira Askarbekovna 

Dean of the Faculty 

Candidate of law

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Naziraaskarbekovna was born on September 6, 1984. 

2001-2005-Higher Education. Faculty of Law of Tarsu named after M. H. Dulati. Specialty "customsspecialist". Diplomawithhonors. 

2005-2007-Higher Education.Taraz Institute of MKTU named after H. A. Yasavi. Specialty "Lawyer".

Since 2005-2006 academic year, he has been a teacher of the Department of Civil Law of the Taraz Institute of MKTU named after H. A. Yasavi. 

In 2006-candidate of the International Kazakh-Turkish university named after H. A. Yasavi on the topic" principles in the nomadic Kazakh legal system".

In the 2008-2009 academic year, K.A. Acting Head of the Department of Law of Taraz Institute of IKTU named after Yasawi. 

On February 19, 2009 at the meeting of the Dissertation Council for the degree of Candidate of Juridical Sciences at the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi defended a dissertation on "Principles of the nomadic Kazakh legal system" in the field of theory and history of law and state, law and political science.

From 2009 to 2020 he was the head of the Department of Law at Taraz Innovative Humanities University. 

In 2012, he became an associate professor of the Regional Academy of Management.

Awards: on December 29, 2013, he was awarded a medal for his contribution to the development of the University and significant achievements in providing high-quality education and upbringing of the younger generation, dedicated to the 5th anniversary of Taraz innovative humanitarian University. Medal for contribution to the development of the university, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Taraz innovative humanitarian University on December 26, 2018. On August 1, 2018, he was awarded the badge "for merits in the development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan" for special merits in the field of science transfer.

In 2013, he became a professor at the Regional Academy of Management. 

In 2017, the monograph "Principles of the traditional Kazakh legal system" was published. The results of the monograph were introduced into the educational process and supplemented by lectures on the subject "History of State and Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan." 

Since 2017, he is a member of the competition commission for the selection of candidates of the Police Department of Zhambyl region. 

Since 2021 he is a member of the Advisory Board under the Prosecutor's Office of Zhambyl region


About the faculty


The Faculty of law has been established since February 1, 2021. It consists of two departments. Departments of" state and legal disciplines "and" civil and criminal law".

The faculty supervises the educational, methodological, scientific and educational work of students and teaching staff.

The dean of the Faculty of law is guided in his work: 

- The Constitution Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan; 

- Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on education", "on Science", Labor Code, "Fight Against Corruption";; 

- Resolutions and decisions of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and bodies of the Department of education on education issues;; 

- The Charter of the Institute; 

- facultyrules.

The faculty: 

1. experimental Center for laboratory and Forensic Research; 

2. scientific and methodological centers "legal research and mediation"; 

3. courtroom; 

4. forensic laboratory; 

5. branch of the department in the operational and Forensic Department of the Zhambyl region Police Department; 

6. clinic at the Faculty of law of ITI; 

7. studentcircle "Bolashaklawyer".

In accordance with the profile of the educational program, a bilateral agreement with the base of professional practice is concluded at the beginning of each academic year for 1 year.

They are for the 2020-2021 academic year:

1. Zhambyl region Police Department; 

2. Criminal Police Department of Zhambyl region; 

3. Taraz City Police Department; 

4. PB No. 1 Taraz City; 

5. pb No. 2 Taraz City; 

6. Zhambyl regional court; 

7. specialized district arbitration court for juvenile affairs in Zhambyl region; 

8. Taraz court; 

9. Zhambyl regional administration; 

10. National Chamber of Zhambyl region; 

11. Zhambyl regional department; 

12. Regional Chamber of private bailiffs of Zhambyl region; 

13. composition of the Zhambyl regional Bar Association: lawyer's office" dad"; 

14. Center for mediation and law" Bitimger".

The educational organization conducts professional practice (in traditional and online formats) in accordance with the academic calendar in the specialty "jurisprudence". 

Contacts for improving academic mobility at the faculty: 

1. Nur-Sultan-Eurasian National University named after L. N. Gumilyov», 

2.state of Turkey-University"Kastamony". 

3.Free University of Varna named after Ch. Khrabr, Free University of Burgas. 


6B04201-law (Bachelor'sdegree); 

7M04201-Law (Master's degree) (profile 1-year, scientific and pedagogical 2-year).