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research projects


10 majorcurrentresearchareas Planned research areas in the future
1 Ancient Turkic runic monuments Talas Valley new findings and new approaches research Production of thermal protective workwear and robotic sewing machine
2 Assessment of the state of the animal world in approved fisheries reservoirs of Zhambyl region and development of a biological justification for the total number of caught fish and other aquatic animals. Development of a sewing robot for the visually impaired.
3 Development of the resource cadastre of Useful Plants of the State Forest Fund of Zhambyl region Aspects of deviant behavior of young people in modern Kazakhstan society.
4 Production of casual clothing and first-generation robotic sewing machine The influence of the feeding diet on the quality of meat and dairy products.
5 Improvement of accounting and management accounting in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of IFRS Develop and research new designs of hydrocyclone pumping units used in water,greenhouse and agriculture, hydropower, mining and oil industry.
6 State and prospects of innovative development of the regional economy Theory and practice of preparing future teachers for National Education of students.
7 Radiation processing of non-ferrous and rare earth metals Scientific substantiation of National Sports (kazakshakures and togyzkumalak, asyk ATU, audaryspak,kokpar)
8 Solving some environmental problems in mining by mathematical modeling Development and cultivation of promising varieties of Greek and hazelnut in intensive Gardens in the conditions of Zhambyl region.
9 Experimental study of quality indicators on the nomenclature of domestic and imported goods, classification of services provided Development of biological and ecological justification of fisheries in reservoirs of various categories of local significance of Zhambyl region.
10 Research of bioecology of reservoirs of local significance of Zhambyl region and use of its results in the national economy» Analysis and assessment of tourist potential in Zhambyl region.